2013: Half-done & Oh So Great!


Wow, what a whirlwind the past few months have been! We hope you all have had a wonderful year thus far. As you may remember, we kicked off 2013 by releasing a video for our cover of Emeli Sande’s “Next To Me.” Check it out!

In mid-February we flew to Denver for Mile High Vocal Jam, which was held on the UCD campus and featured Urban Method as headliners. We had the amazing opportunity to work with a number of fantastic collegiate groups (including UCD Mix, who would later take the collegiate title at Boston Sings). Many thanks to Tony Huerta and the Denver crew for having us!

In early April, we headed to Beantown for Boston Sings, where we were extremely honored to take home the CARA for Best Country Song for our album track “Top of the World,” and we were runner-up to Pentatonix for “Best Pop/Rock Album.” Woohoo!

We then reunited in Rochester to join our honorary boyfriends in RIT Eight Beat Measure for their big spring/alumni show, Chill Beats. Along with University of Chicago’s Men In Drag, we opened the show and were lucky to witness the outpouring of brotherly love and fraternity that has characterized Eight Beat’s 25-year history. Thanks a ton for including us, guys!

The video for the SoJam X collaboration track “Lights” was also released – listen and watch for Musae members, especially our own Courtney Godwin on the opening lead!

In the midst of this, we were thrilled to find out that our jingle made it to the top ten finalists in the Folgers Jingle Contest. Here’s the background video the filmed about us [featuring our derpy vocal percussionist, Kari].

Most recently, we joined our friends in Eugene, Oregon to co-headline the inaugural SheSings festival with the immensely talented Julia Easterlin. We premiered a new song mid-set: “Wings” by Little Mix! We also had a blast teaching classes throughout the day, including Organic Arranging, Choreography, Bass Technique, and Vocal Percussion. So much fun!

We’re so excited for what the rest of the year will bring. We’ll be announcing more fall dates and college shows soon, so hang tight!


Fall Performances


…are starting to stack up! Check out our Events page for more information!

The Best Part of Wakin’ Up!

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 12.37.45 PM

We’re thrilled to be among 10 finalists in the Folgers Jingle Contest! Check out our entry and vote!

Weekend at Sled Dog Studios


Happy Musae :)

Happy New Year Lovies!!! We hope this month has been a great start to 2013 for everyone :)

So, since our last performance at Spookappella in late October, we have been preparing for a lot of cool things coming up – the FIRST of which was a nice looonngg weekend at Sled Dog Studios in Rochester.  It is no secret that everyone loves visiting Sled Dog….it’s basically aca heaven (fancy toys, adorable boys and endless food and drinks), but with Kari and Jo actually living there now (how convenient to have our rhythm section living together, right?!), meeting up at Sled Dog has major logistical benefits.  NOT MAD AT IT.

Anyway, the rest of Musae rolled into Rochester late last week, settled in and got to work.  Being that we are still spread across the country, we always have a LOT to accomplish in our time together and this time was no exception.

Day 1 – Spent most of the first day rehearsing music – old and new.  That’s right….we have a few brand new arrangements that will be appearing in our next live shows and we are SO excited to debut them!  We planned on releasing one of these songs (a cover of “Next to Me” by Emeli Sandé) as a video and were really excited to actually film it TOGETHER this time (SEE: our past two videos where we had no choice but to do it brady bunch style because we were LIT’RALLY in five different cities)!!!  After a full day of rehearsing we went on down to the studio, tracked our vocals for ”Next to Me,” and Angela got to work mixing.  We closed out day 1 with a much needed night of hangout time and basic shenanigans….”shenans” if you will.  What are Musae and Sled Dog Studios shenans??? Well, let’s just say that we somehow ended up punching each other in the face with a giant squishy fist, eating chocolate ganache, and having a full on MJ dance party for about an hour.  These things cannot always be explained.

Day 2 - we got up bright and early….well….Musae’s version of “bright and early” anyway….devoured two giant bags of Bruegger’s bagels delivered by Dave (it really is worth mentioning), and headed to a dance studio to rehearse staging for our live show (btw, who knew walking attractively was so hard?) After that we came home and got geared up and prettied up for the video shoot for “Next to Me.”  Jeston got some awesome footage for us to work with (despite our constant stopping and starting, laughing and general confusion haha) and Kari edited away until we had quite a shiny finished product :) Aside from being excited to release a new video in general, this song was especially meaningful to us given the lyrics and we decided to dedicate it to all the influential and supportive men in our lives who have helped and cheered us on this far.  Check out our video here!

Now, what would a video release be without a little behind the scenes/bloopers reel?!  Well luckily, at Sled Dog, cameras are always rolling.  Here is a candid peek into the rehearsing/recording process for the video :)

Day 3 – Jo had to leave us to go on tour with Overboard :(   So naturally, we cried all morning about it, refusing to go on and just being dramatic in general.  We eventually pulled it together though and got back to work.  We spent the morning planning out our schedules for the first half of the year and getting the ball rolling with booking gigs (got A LOT of exciting things coming up y’all!).  On that note, we also met with the lovely Jaime Snyder and are very excited to announce that we have brought her on as our new booking agent!  She is going to be a wonderful addition to the Musae family and we are so happy to have her.  Jaime can now can be contacted at booking@musaevocal.com!

And finally, after a long morning/day of planning, we went back down to the studio and tracked another of our new covers.  Let’s just say you may have something new and exciting for your earbuds VERY soon :)   Stay tunedddddd….

Day 4 – Back in the studio! Worked with Dave on tracking vocals for the SoJam 2012 collab track.  Still mindblown to be featured on a track with Pentatonix, The Edge Effect and the Nor’easters!  We had so much fun lending our voices to the incredible work that was done at SoJam and can’t wait to hear (and share!) the finished product.

Kari Edits!

Kari Edits!

Ang Mixes!

Ang Mixes!










Musae Plans

Sunday Morning work time

Hannah coaches sexy vocals

Hannah Coaches!















Well, that about covers it!  Over the next few days we packed up one by one and said goodbye to each other (the worst part), but luckily we have some awesome gigs right around the corner :)   In the meantime, be sure to keep checking in because we have all KINDS of good stuff coming your way.  2013 is HAPPENING, y’all.

Until next time!

Next up for Musae:

N.E. Voices (Wilmington, MA) – Feb 8-9

Mile High Vocal Jam (Denver, CO) – Feb 15-17

Album Release and Spookappella!




WE DID IT!!!!!!!  We officially released our very first, FULL LENGTH album, y’all!  The journey we have been on over the past 2 years to get to this moment has been nothing short of exhilarating and we could not be more proud of the finished product.  We had our album release party/concert at an adorable (and quite historic) venue in NYC called The Bitter End a couple weekends ago and had such an amazing time.  Looking out and seeing an audience filled with some of our dearest friends and supporters was pretty special for all of us :)  Thank you to everyone who was there – it was a perfect night! 


After our incredible night in NYC, we piled onto a Megabus (yay for cheap travel!) early Saturday morning and started making our way to Boston for Spookappella IX!  Things were going pretty well, aside from occasional bouts of car sickness and we were going to be making it just in time to get ready and head to the venue for soundcheck (if there’s one thing being in Musae has taught all of us it is to be unphased by tight schedules haha).  But of course, what is a Musae trip without a little drama?  That’s what our bus thought too when it decided to break down.  OH yes.  For about 15 terrifying minutes we weren’t sure we would make it Boston in time for Spookappella.  And lucky for everyone, Kari managed to capture this moment on camera, pretty accurately showing each of our coping mechanisms in such times. 


FINALLY the bus cranked and we were on our way (which is a good thing, because from the looks of it Courtney was about to go into full meltdown mode haha)!  We made it to Spookappella in time and had the best night performing with our favorite guys, Ball in the House.  And in COSTUME!!! SO much fun.  It was a great show and we had an absolute blast.  Highly considering incorporating costumes into all of our shows now.  Hah, just kidding……..maybe…..



All in all it was definitely an awesome weekend.  Hurricane Sandy made things a little scary there at the end, with some of us having to fly home and the rest being in Boston and Rochester, but we all stayed safe and dry and even managed to keep power for the most part!  Very thankful for that.   

Stay tuned for a post on our SoJam adventures!!

Debut album!


Our debut album – “There Is No Easy Way From the Earth to the Stars” – is now available for purchase on iTunes! Check it out under the Discography tab for more information!

Back From NYC/Boston!


We had a fantastic time at our album release concert at The Bitter End and with our friends Ball in the House at Spookapella 2012! A big thank-you to everyone who attended!

(There Is No Easy Way) From the Earth to the Stars Release!


We’re so excited for our upcoming album release! Join us in concert at The Bitter End in NYC this Friday to celebrate with us! In the meantime, here’s a preview of album track “Evacuate the Dancefloor”:

New Video!


We just released our cover of “Without You” from our studio sessions at Sled Dog Studios. Check it out under Media>Videos!

Album, Atlanta, and “Top of the World”!


News flash: planning a full-length album is quite the undertaking. Aside from finding a salient-yet-intriguing title and an appealing packaging aesthetic, you (most importantly) face the challenge of crafting a concert experience: one with no faces, no lights, no stage. Just sound echoing through speakers or, at best, good headphones.

As a group, we relish our soulful, funky roots, sometimes infusing it with pop, all the while maintaining the loud, energetic flair that has come to define our collective style. And yet, no concert can consist of one style or volume the entire time. Both the performers and listeners need contour; highs and lows that lead us through a palette of emotions. Which is why we’ve taken the time to discover – dare I say it – our feminine side. We like to call it the “softer side of Musae” – the time when we set aside our trademark loud for a more tender performance treatment that requires delving inward to find that necessary emotional pull.

One such song is included below: “Top of the World,” written by Patty Griffin, as performed by The Dixie Chicks (check out the music video here). We won’t get into the meaning of the song (for the full disclosure of the lyric content, read the wiki article), but it worth mentioning that it nearly always brings us to tears. This is how touching, personal, and poignant of a song it is – and we’ve taken on the challenge of communicating every piece of that to you, the listener.

You may notice a few personnel changes: first, that our super-bass, Jo, is on lead! Hannah is filling her spot as the lowest voice, whilst percussionist Kari is up in the low-mid range. We taped this between recording sessions in Courtney’s lovely Atlanta abode, and we can’t wait to show you the final result in a few short months.

Since Atlanta, we’ve returned to our lives: Kari just got back from The Real Group Festival in Stockholm, Sweden; Jo and Hannah are about to embark on a series of Utah performances before returning to Holland to tape “Beat the Best” with Delilah; Lo has returned to Florida State University to round out her schooling; Angela has returned to Boston to begin editing and mixing our tracks, and Courtney continues to dominate the stage in Atlanta. We appreciate the incredible patience and support of our friends, Kickstarter supporters, and anyone who has expressed interest in what we’ve been working on for the past year. From our heart to yours, here is a humble sonic offering in the meantime: a live, impromptu take of “Top of the World.”